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So …

We have had some very interesting meetings lately with future bridal couples.  We seem to have that price point where we MOST of the time are told that they thought we would be more expensive.  But occasionally we get the couple that tell us that they have had quotes for much less.  This is always awkward because the inevitable question that follows is … “Why are you so much more expensive?”

This is a difficult question to answer in a one sentence answer.  There is a complete range of reasons why we might not be the same price as some of the other operators out there.  For example …

  • Does the other company ONLY provide their service to weddings exclusively?
  • Does the other company have all the legally required licences?
  • Does the other company do this as their full time living or as a hobby?

This is just three of the plethora of reasons why we charge (usually) double the price many other DJs charge.

We USED to be one of the type of DJ companies that worked on volume instead of quality.  We used to charge about the same price that many of the cheaper DJ companies charged.  We worked on getting a lot of jobs to enable ourselves to live as full time DJs.  However, we now realise that we could not even come close to providing the sort of service we provide for the sort of prices we used to charge.

The simple fact is that we put about 20-30 hours of work into each and every wedding we provide our services for.  At the old prices, there is NO WAY we could provide even close to the sort of quality we are providing to each client as we are now.  We simply wouldn’t have had the time.  A wedding day deserves attention to detail.  It deserves time and care.

If it is a birthday party (or some other less important event), great … save money and get a cheap DJ, but for your one special day of days can you really afford to NOT secure the entertainment you deserve?