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by Nik Edser

Wedding Entertainment – Making the right choice …

Wedding entertainment is so important to your special day.  When it comes to your wedding day, often it comes down to a very tough decision.  Do you hire a DJ or do you hire a band?  Well … we can help to give you a bit of help and things to think about when making this important decision for your special day.

First, let’s put aside the issue that there are good wedding DJs and bad wedding DJs as well as there being good wedding bands and bad wedding bands.  Let’s assume they are all equal as far as their level of professionalism goes. So with a totally level playing field, we can now explore the fundamental differences between a band and a DJ to help you decide which is the most suitable for your special day.  We will give you a list of pros and cons of both wedding entertainment options.

Band Advantages

Bands can create a good “party feel” atmosphere.
Bands are often more interesting to watch visually than a DJ.
“Live” music enthusiasts will be satisfied.

Band Disadvantages

Limited playlist.  Even a really good band seldom knows more than 500 songs (This means many requests won’t be possible).
The expected version of the songs you know and love might sound quite different.
Bands will typically cost a lot more than a DJ.
Bands require a lot more room to set up than a DJ.
Pack-up and set-up time will take longer than a DJ.
Between the bands sets, the mood (and usually dancefloor) dies.
Many bands are not able to also act as MCs (as many DJs do).
There is usually a noticable (and awkward) gap between songs.
Many bands do not have any planning experience when it comes to weddings so just “turn up” on the day without prior planning.

DJ Advantages

The music a DJ plays will sound exactly like the song you want.  (Because  it is the original).
A good DJ has a massive playlist of thousands and thousands of songs (Making requests easier).
DJs typically cost a lot less than a band.
DJs don’t usually need a lot of room to set up.
DJs don’t take a long time to pack up or set up.
DJs are often aslo experienced MCs and can assist in this area.
The music does not have gaps, so allows for a seamless and constant dancefloor experience.
Many DJs can offer to help in the planning stage of the day and have experience in this area.

DJ Disadvantages

DJs can’t provide that live atmosphere.
DJs are not usually as exciting to watch as a live band.
Your “live” music enthusiast guests might not be as excited.

When it comes to live music, I am a massive fan myself.  In fact, I have performed in a number of bands and as a solo musician over the years for all types of events.  When I was performing in bands I personally had a strong dislike for DJs myself.  (Who would have thought I would have become one!).  However, it was when my band started performing at weddings I realised quickly how much a good DJ is worth their weight in gold.  Even though we had a great band that used to pack out pubs and clubs, when it came to weddings it was a very different situation.  People expected to hear a wide variety of music that we simply couldn’t do.  Being a live band, our play list was extensive, but limited when compared to that of a DJ.

At NikNat Entertainment, we offer a unique advantage to keep both sides of the argument happy.  Because of my background as a professional musician, I am able to offer my live performance services as an option to provide that live element over canapes and/or dinner.  Then using my skills as a DJ when it comes to the dancing part of the evening to keep the dance floor pumping.

I hope this article has been of help if you are stuck in that decision for your wedding entertainment.

Warmest wishes,

Nik Edser