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Wedding Master of Ceremonies

Wedding Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Yes! NikNat Entertainment offer professional wedding Master of Ceremonies service. We are proud to have been personally trained by some of the greatest wedding MCs in the world. We have undergone extensive training with Mark Ferrell & Jim Cerone from the United States as well as other Australian based professional masters of ceremonies.

Why do I need a professional wedding Master of Ceremonies?

In the United States it is almost unheard of for anyone other than the DJ being the wedding Master of ceremonies. However, in Australia it seems to be more usual to ask a family member or friend to fill this role. Having seen hundreds of weddings, we can promise you that this does often not end well. Why? We have seen family act as the wedding Master of Ceremonies and experience some of (or a combination of) some of the following –

  • Freezing up with fear
  • Becoming too drunk to continue
  • Disappearing during the times they were needed
  • Telling inappropriate jokes
  • Swearing on the microphone
  • Not keeping an eye on the time and letting the night slip away
  • Using it as a chance to practice their comedy routine
  • Thinking they were the stars of the show (instead of the Bride and Groom)
  • Flirting with guests

Now, perhaps your family member or friend won’t be any of those things but, we can almost guarantee they won’t actually have any idea of what a wedding Master of ceremonies is SUPPOSED to do and their role.  In fact, you might also be surprised at the responsibilities and duties of a wedding MC.

wedding master of ceremonies

What a Wedding Master of Ceremonies is responsible for –

The master of ceremonies is the glue that holds the entire event together. So many people think it is just someone to come up and make a few announcements. WRONG! This is just the tip of the iceberg and the part that people see. Just like an iceberg 75% of their work goes largely unnoticed (and so it should if they are doing their job correctly). The MC is actually acting as the host. They are the one person that is relied upon by all suppliers (photographer, kitchen staff, videographer, DJ, celebrant) and all guests (including the bride and groom) to have all the answers. The wedding master of ceremonies is also entrusted with the power to make decisions to keep things running smoothly. If any suppliers have questions or decisions to be made, they come to the MC to resolve.

The main people the MC is there to ensure have a great time is first and foremost the bride and groom followed by the guests. He/She is responsible for making sure the bride and groom are not the ones responsible for making any decisions. They should be allowed to relax and enjoy their night.

A wedding Master of Ceremonies should also arrive to the ceremony well before any guests to assist with seating if required and to greet guests as they arrive. The MC should also be the very last person to leave at the end of the night ensuring everyone (especially the bride and groom) have transport arrange prior to their departure. The MC should be the one making phone calls and arranging taxis and buses if required.

The MC is also responsible for assisting with, and advising on the run sheet for the night prior to the event. A good wedding master of ceremonies will be experienced enough to bring their expertise and make suggestions around the most beneficial way to run the nights proceedings. (Little things that make a massive difference like ensuring dessert is served before the bridal dance etc).

Wedding MC

Relax …

You can relax and know you are in the best of hands when you choose to use our MC services. Another benefit is you can also know that your friend or family member that you were thinking of getting to be the master of ceremonies can now relax and enjoy their night.