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wedding dj price

Are you just after a wedding DJ price?

Why don’t we have a standard price list?

Because YOUR wedding isn’t a commodity that can be assigned a price.  It’s your one day that will be remembered for the rest of your lives.  Of course we aren’t going to just put a price-tag on it.  Any company that is prepared to provide you with a price based on their standard price list is doing you a great disservice.

It’s difficult at the point when you are looking around for quotes on DJs.  In the absence of knowing what quality questions you SHOULD be asking to make a quality decision, then it comes down the the lowest common denominator … the cost.  But there are so many things you should consider well before the wedding DJ price.

After all, if all you are after is a price this would be strange if you applied this logic to all the other areas of your wedding day.  Imagine cheese burgers for your wedding dinner!  After all … if a “DJ is just a DJ” then by logical extension a “meal is just a meal” right?

No!  Of course not!  There is no way you would disrespect your guests by serving sub-standard food like cheese burgers to your guests.  They might be perfectly suitable for parties, but not weddings.  It’s exactly the same when it comes to DJs.  Some are more than fine for parties, but not the best choice for weddings.

Consider all the other things you should be asking to make a more informed decision about the best fit for your special day other than just the wedding DJ price.

Such as …

– How many weddings do you perform at per year?
– Have you won any wedding industry awards?
– Are you a professional member of any related industry memberships?
– Is this your primary source of income?
– Do you provide your services to all sorts of events, or just weddings?
– Do you have the legally required $20 million public liability insurance?
– Do you have a money back guarantee?
– Do you have a price match policy?

At NikNat Entertainment, we have provided our service to well over 1000 weddings and counting.  We have won the ABIA DJ of the year award amongst other smaller awards.  We are professional members of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy and the Disk Jockey Alliance of Australia.  This is our primary source of income and weddings are all we do!  We have the legally required $20 million public liability insurance, which means we are approved to play in any venue in Australia.  We have a money back guarantee and we have a price match policy.

There are not too many companies out there than can cross all those off the list!  But we do!

So, before you ask us for “just a price”, please take the time to consider WHY we are not as cheap as someone that can’t cross all those off the list.


Warmest wishes,

Nik Edser