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We pride ourselves on a classy, minimal yet very effective DJ set-up. Why would someone want to hire a DJ that has a ton of equipment taking up space and looking like they are set-up for a dodgy 80’s blue light disco instead of a wedding?

Let us think about it from the perspective of the cars you have chosen to drive you and your bridal party to the ceremony. What did you choose? Was is something elegant and classy? Probably. So why didn’t you choose a totally pimped out ride with hydraulic lifts under the wheels, big coloured lighting bars on top of the car and those wheel hub caps that keep spinning after the car has stopped? Because (unless that is the theme you are going for), it just looks plain stupid!

Don’t get us wrong. It’s not that we don’t have the equipment. We have a massive amount of speakers, lights, lighting trusses, smoke machines, bubble machines, lasers, strobes and a heap more items that simply don’t need to be used. We feel by using too much equipment it will just make your elegant event look cheap and tacky. We carefully select the right equipment to make your event look great without going overboard.  Often less is more.

Too many DJ companies will hide their lack of class and talent by hoping their impressive arrays of “stuff” will distract you from the underlying problem. It is amazing how many couples will also take this bait. We frequently meet couples who will compare our price and comment that we are much more expensive and become confused that we don’t even bring as much “stuff” as someone charging a quarter the price we do. It is difficult to help people to understand that a good DJ is not about how much equipment they bring to deafen and blind you with, but a combination of quality equipment suited to the room, people skills, music knowledge, a positive attitude and good service.

There is no compromise for service and experience.

Warmest regards,

Nik Edser
Entertainment Director