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The term for a DJ that does not have their primary source of income from their DJ job is known in the industry as a “moonlight DJ”.  That is, they “moonlight” as a DJ whilst holding down another job that is their primary income source.  We will be looking at the problem that hiring someone that fits this description might hold.

Sure, you can probably save a ton of money by hiring someone that just does this as a secondary source of income, and we think that is more than acceptable if you are hiring them for something like a birthday party, Christmas party etc.  After all, whilst you want a good job done, it is not going to feel like the end of the world if they are not absolutely perfect.

But when it comes to a wedding day … that ONE day you get that is going to be remembered for the rest of your life … do you really want to entrust the success or failure of your entire wedding reception to someone that doesn’t treat this as their primary job?

This is the one day you want to ensure that everything goes right.  Most couples are more than happy to spend whatever it takes to get the best they can afford with almost everything, but fail to realise just how much a bad entertainment choice can mean to their big day.

The DJ or band is responsible for the success of 80% of your day!  This is because 80% of your wedding day is spent at your wedding reception and the entertainment can certainly be the major determining factor of you and your guests enjoyment of this day.

Someone who only has your special wedding day viewed as “a bit of extra income on the side” might not put the full effort into a company that relies on being great each and every time.  In short, if we fail to impress each and every time, we lose future weddings.  At NikNat Entertainment, we aim to please each and every time because if we don’t … we go broke!  It’s that simple.  We NEED to make our bridal couples absolutely over the moon with our service.

Adding to the already massive responsibility of making this our primary source of income, we have also opened ourselves to public scrutiny through our openness of the ability to leave Google reviews and of course our involvement in the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA).  This gives each and every couple the opportunity to give us their individual scores based on how satisfied they were.  We were proud to have won the award for best DJ in Queensland in 2014 and we are striving VERY hard to defend that title!  So as you can imagine, we are going above and beyond each and every time.

Compare this passion and dedication with a DJ company that views YOUR special day as a “gig” to make a few extra dollars on a weekend.  Who do YOU think is going to put in more effort?

If you want to ensure the success of your wedding reception, give us a call on 1 300 769 798.  We would love to learn more about your special night and how we can tailor it to suit your unique vision.