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Hire a DJ for a Wedding – What you need to know …

When you are looking to hire a DJ for a wedding, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of options and choices out there.  You will find some people saying they are cheaper than others.  Some will say they have the best music selection.  Still others will try and sell you on their superior lighting or sound system.  In this post, we hope to debunk a lot of the industry tricks to help you to make an informed decision.  Is this because we hope you will choose us?  No!  We honestly get so much work since being voted the best DJ in all of Queensland, that we are quite happy with where we are.  We are doing this because we are sick and tired of seeing the tricksters and the charlatans in the industry robbing people of their hard-earned money.

So you are about to hire a DJ for a wedding … what should you be looking for?

First, you should be asking what professional industries they might be a member of.  In Australia, the industry standard wedding industry membership body is the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA).  If they company you are dealing with is not a current member of this body, then they might not take their industry serious enough to bother doing business with.  You can easily check their claim of membership by visiting www.abia.com.au and searching for them there.  Better still, have they won any awards from the ABIA?

Next, you should check their website and Google for reviews about their company.  Simply try typing into Google their business name and the word “reviews”.  This might help you to learn what past bridal couples have said about the company.

Before you hire a DJ for a wedding, these are some of the many things you should check.  Also ask them if they are happy to arrange a meeting with you.  If this seems like a major problem to them, this is not a good sign.  Professional wedding DJ companies will be more than happy to meet with you.

We hope this article has been of help to you no matter where you might be located in the world.

NikNat Entertainment are proud members of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy and are the winners of the 2014 Queensland Wedding DJ award.


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