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by Nik Edser

The team of NikNat would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. As this year is coming to a close, we are starting to wind back and take some much deserved rest and relaxation. Our office will be reopening again on Monday the 6th of January, 2014. Of course, if the matter is urgent, we always welcome you to contact us directly on our mobile number 0411 459 806. We are using this time to spend with loved ones, family and friends. We hope you also have the opportunity to spend this time to those close to you.

This time of year is also a great time to reflect on the year that has been. 2013 has been the best year for us since we began our business. Achieving a finalist result in the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) awards night was a major highlight for us. The fact that it was our first year entered and we achieved this status affirmed with us that we were doing things right. Sadly, many enter into the ABIA awards but don’t make the cut to become a finalist.

This achievement has formed the catalyst for us to revisit what we do right down to the smallest detail. Whilst we did very well to achieve our finalist award, we immediately started focusing on the 2014 awards night with a view to this time taking out the #1 position! This refinement of our service has meant further improvement in all areas including staff training, equipment upgrades and customer service. What does this mean to you, the customer? Well, it means that our already award winning service has been even further improved!

We have also tightened up our staff to ensure total quality with every show. This refocus and further refinement has meant that we had to let some members of our team go. Our business adviser and coach has been encouraging growth and increasing staff numbers, but against his advice we have reduced our DJ team. For us, it’s not all about making more money by having more staff working for us, but about providing high quality trusted DJs to each and every event. The DJs we have had to let go, we wish well and they are quite good DJs, but just don’t possess that “extra something” that is required to work for us.

This of course does mean that our availability is limited and we are already fully booked for some dates in 2014. So, if you are standing on the sidelines and thinking about booking us, be aware – our new team is in high demand and books out very quickly. Once the day is full, that’s it! We are satisfied with our team as it stands now going into 2014 and are not looking at training any new DJs in the foreseeable future.

As the owner of this business, I would like to also wish my staff a Happy New Year and an enjoyable break before we start all our wonderful work in 2014. I am very proud of my small but elite team of, what I consider, to be the best wedding DJs there are!
Warmest wishes,

Nik Edser