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One thing every wedding reception needs is a master of ceremonies (or MC for short). Quite often, this role is filled by a family member or friend. However, this is rarely a great idea and is usually the choice of couples who fail to actually recognise what a master of ceremonies actually does at a wedding. The MC is not just a person to get up and make a few announcements. The MC is actually the host of your wedding. They are the person that is responsible for running then entire night. This includes ensuring all the other wedding professionals are ready before something is about to take place.

Of course, we have been offering our Gold Coast master of ceremonies services now for years. We have had the pleasure of providing many happy couples our Gold Coast MC services to help ensure their night runs smoothly and without any hiccups. It is painful to watch an unqualified and inexperienced person take this most important of roles and turn it into a task they see as only a light-hearted joke. When this happens, unfortunately it often results in the kitchen staff getting very angry because they are trying to keep the meals from spoiling all because the MC is not running on time. When the meals come out, then often the guests are disappointed by the quality of the meal, without realising that this was not the fault of the kitchen, but rather the fault of the MC. The MC gets off clean without probably even realising what he/she has done.

The other issue that frequently arises is that the family member / friend MC is there to socialise and be treated as a guest. If they are filling the role of MC they are NOT a guest. They are working and should not drink, nor should they disappear for lengthy chats outside of the room with friends and family. They should stay in the room, remain in frequent contact with the other wedding industry professionals who are also working and co-ordinate the events of the evening to happen on time. All too often things run drastically over time to the point that there is very little (if any) time left for dancing.

Don’t make the mistake of having a friend or family member fill the role of MC. Spend that little bit more and hire a professional Gold Coast wedding MC to take care of your night. Sure, you can save a few dollars and have a family member or friend do the job, but at what true cost? A ruined meal? Not enough time for dancing?

Ask us about our Gold Coast wedding master of ceremonies services and how we can help you to ensure your day runs smoothly.