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There is a constant incoming stream we see of people that face the daunting and worrisome reality of booking a wedding entertainer and then have them cancel on them before the wedding day. Sometimes they cancel months before, but sometimes even the day before. The excuses are always the same old tired ones we have been hearing for years.

  • “I broke my arm/leg”.
  • “My brother is in the army and ships out tomorrow so I have to see him off, it could be the last time I see him”.
  • “Sorry, I accidently double booked your date”.


These are three of the top ones we hear a bit, but none of them are really an excuse anyway! You have a broken arm or leg, you get a friend to help you out in the set-up.  If a family member is going away to war, that is sad but that is not your concern. Double booking is just the worst excuse ever. It is admitting they are not even professional enough to keep a simple diary. To me this seems like they have almost zero care for their job.

When you book an entertainer for your wedding, you should ALWAYS get a contract. A good contract should be there to protect both you and your entertainer. A good contract will be your written promise of delivery of the entertainment you have hired. NEVER hire an entertainer for your special day without having a contract of agreement in place. Without a contract, everything is here say and you will have little if any recourse for action.

The truth is, that more often than not, the sort of entertainers that cancel have found another client willing to pay more than you were so they drop you like a hot potato. These operators come and go as their reputation quickly catches up with them, but that certainly doesn’t fix the problem they have left for the person that hired them originally.

Always be careful when hiring your entertainment. Look for an entertainer with a good reputation. Check what online reviews say about them. Try and see how far back reviews go to see how long they have been in business. Are they members of a professional industry body?

We wish you all the best of luck finding the right entertainment for your wedding day and of course welcome you chat with us.