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DJ Hire

When you are looking for DJ hire options, you need to consider exactly what you are hiring a DJ for.  In this article we will be looking at some great questions to help you decide upon what sort of DJ you should be looking at for your event.

dj hire

  • What sort of event are you looking at a DJ for?
    • A wedding DJ is completely different than a DJ for an 18th birthday party.  You need to be careful to hire the right sort of DJ based around the sort of event you are hiring for.
  • What is the date of the event?
    • This can make a big difference to the price and availability of the options available to you.  For example, if you are looking at hiring a professional wedding DJ and your big day is only a few months away you will probably find you have left it far too late to secure a true professional.  However, if you are just after a DJ for simple birthday party then you will probably have multiple options available to you.
  • Is it truly just a DJ you want to hire?
    • Before looking around your DJ hire options, consider if it is simply just a DJ you are looking for.  What about a professional that can make announcements as well (for example a master of ceremonies).  Would you prefer a live music element as well as a DJ?
  • Are you prepared to pay what a true professional is worth?
    • When you start shopping around you will find some DJs will quote a few hundred dollars whilst others will quote a few thousand dollars.  Why the big difference?  This is usually very difficult for most people at the buying stage of the cycle to appreciate and all to obvious after the event when they regret not investing enough to this crucial element of their event.  To be blunt, if you are not prepared to invest the amount a professional deserves and commands you would be probably better off without any entertainment or a DIY iPod option.

We hope this article on DJ hire has been helpful to you and has given you some things to consider before you start on your search for the best option for your event.

At NikNat Entertainment, we specialise in weddings.  In fact, weddings are the only events we provide our services for.  We have won multiple awards for our services and would love to talk to you about your special wedding day.


Warmest wishes,
Nik Edser