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Don’t make the terrible mistake of letting a family or friend be your MC.

When you are having a wedding, it is a common misconception that the person that has the role of master of ceremonies should be a family member or friend. This is not correct. Some think that it add a nice “personal touch” when it is someone that knows the couple. I get what they are thinking. I understand, but this is usually because the role and duties of an MC are usually massively misunderstood. A Master of Ceremonies is NOT someone to just make a few announcements and introduce speakers. That is such a small part of the responsibilities. When you hire a professional Brisbane wedding MC, you are actually hiring someone to be the host of your entire wedding.

A professional Brisbane wedding Master of Ceremonies will work with you to help to create a time line that works with the flow of the night. They will help you to understand how a wedding should flow to ensure everyone has a great time. They will help to construct a timeline that will work best with all the professional vendors. A professional  MC will contact all the other wedding professionals they will be working with with on your wedding day prior to the day. They will also work with the other wedding professionals on the day of the wedding to ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time.

A family member or friend is not a trained Master of Ceremonies. They are just going to try their best, but sadly more times than not fail at keeping everything running smoothly. It’s not their fault. They were not trained, nor did they really want to come to the wedding to be working all night. They probably don’t realise all the duties that the MC is supposed to fill. They are supposed to be the first person there before the guests arrive, they are also supposed to be the last person to leave. Most seem to think they just need to work from the announcements of entry of the bridal party and up until the first dance and think that is all.

When you hire a professional Brisbane MC will be there to work. They will be there to keep things running as they should. It also allows your friend and family to actually enjoy their night instead of working.

Don’t make the mistake of NOT hiring a professional Brisbane Wedding MC for your wedding day.