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We’ve had a number of requests for help with speeches – in particularly queries from the Best Men. So for all the Best Men out there – here’s some insider tips for writing your speeches:

Start with gratitude: thank the parents for raising wonderful children and the guests for coming. Share how you know the Groom and then a story about how you are connected to the couple or how great they are together – remember the goal of your speech is to celebrate the couple and make them look good!

Avoid ‘insider’ comments and jokes that only you and the Groom know about, you will lose the attention of the guests. Also avoid inappropriate topics that might embarrass the groom and his new wife – remember that Grandma is there and definitely doesn’t want to hear THOSE stories!

On the day make sure you stay sober – speeches and alcohol don’t mix well! You don’t want to delve into a drunken ramble in front of family and friends. Keep the drinks to a minimum until after your speech 😉

Be prepared! No matter how well you feel you will remember your speech, write it down! When you stand up with the microphone in your hand it’s very common to get a ‘mind blank’ – so ensure you have your speech written down. A shorter speech is always better than a long one and 5 mins is a great length.

Share some words of advice or a quote to wrap it all up before you propose a toast to the newlyweds!

I hope this gives an idea of what to think about when writing your speeches – there’s no steadfast rule as to what you write and say, these are just from our experience and seeing both the great and … not so great Best Man speeches.

Much love, NN x x