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As I write this, we are 3 days removed from the 17th annual Australian Bridal Industry Awards for Queensland (ABIA).  We can boast until at least for another 3 days that we are the official #1 wedding DJ in Queensland!

Last year, we were fortunate enough to win the “Best Wedding DJ” award on a score of 99.13%.  What a great year it was for us!  We are still very thankful that we were thought so much of by our bridal couples to give us scores that saw us average such a high percentile score.

This year, we have no idea how we will fare.  We hope to do well, but the competition is very tough.  With only 0.05% separating us from the next closest competitor and 0.09% from 3rd place, it is a VERY close competition.

What we can honestly say is … whilst it would be AMAZING to win again, we honestly don’t expect it.  All we know is that we have done the very best we can with each and every wedding we have had the absolute honor of being a part of.

The thing is, all the “competition” are not our enemies.  These guys and girls are some of our best friends we have made.  We wish all DJs the very best of luck.  We feel very fortunate to have enjoyed the crown over the past 12 months and hope that whomever is the next winner will feel as blessed as we have.  We know that whomever it will be will deserve it.

The ABIA awards are (to the wedding industry) a night to celebrate and recognise the achievements we have collectively made over the past 12 months.  To cheer on our fellow industry wedding professionals and to reflect on the personal impact we ourselves have made within the local wedding scene.

It is truly a magical night that is the highlight on our personal calendar.

We look forward to catching up with all of our wedding industry friends on the 21st of July!

Warmest wishes,
Nik Edser
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