Nik Nat Wedding Entertainment

Award winning Gold Coast wedding DJ

From the moment your guests arrive to your ceremony, until last drinks, Nik Nat wedding entertainment provides entertainment, lighting, low lying fog, and non-stop music hits for your whole wedding day. Our base package is full day coverage because we believe the ceremony is as important as the reception, and the whole day should be fun and personal.

A local Gold Coast family run business by Nik and Nat Edser.

Wedding ceremony music by a professional DJ

Ceremony music

Loud and clear music to entertain your guests before the ceremony and all the music up and down the aisle, perfectly timed

Canapés wedding entertainment for cocktail hour

Canapés entertainment

While you’re having your photos taken and the sun is setting we look after your pre-reception entertainment over cocktails and Canapés

Reception entertainment

Throughout dinner, speeches and onto the dance floor we’ve got non-stop music for an awesome night of dancing

Live Music for Weddings

Live Music

We are one of the very few (if not only) Gold Coast Entertainment companies that can offer a mix of both live music and DJ. Have the best of both worlds!


The total cost for full day coverage starts from $1800 for weddings in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

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About NikNat Entertainment

NikNat Entertainment was founded in 2008 by husband and wife team Nik & Natalie Edser.

Nik has been involved in professional entertainment for many years. Growing up in a musical family, he learned to play a variety of instruments and formed a special passion for singing from an early age. Working in a range of jobs (from stock analyst, real estate agent, computer technician, workplace manager and many other jobs), Nik found himself bouncing from job to job not finding any self-satisfaction. His heart was always in the world of entertainment, and found himself getting burned out by performing as a musician on weekends and then back into the Monday to Friday job. Nik’s passion was providing his knowledge and love of music to bring joy to others.

Thanks to the support of Natalie, Nik was encouraged to “follow his heart” and pursue his musical passions. It was certainly a struggle, and a lot of living in credit card debt and scrounging for every cent. Both of them already (following their own wedding) found themselves being asked by many couples for advise on weddings. Their passion for helping bridal couples was already there. The passion Nik had for music was there. It dawned on them to merge the two passions into what has become the multi-award winning NikNat Entertainment we know today. (Yes, the name NikNat is a combination of Nik and Natalie!).Natalie has a background in medical science (and is a qualified bio-medical scientist) as well as a qualified secondary teacher. She still loves science and reading all things related to it, but has become a treasure of the NikNat office.

Nat has created systems and processes to keep the office running smoothly. Nat is often the first point of contact for many couples and always has a supportive ear to listen to any brides that might need to “get something off their shoulders” or even have a good cry to let the stress go. (Nat has even been there for some brides to help them through the stress of studying uni, having a baby and getting married all at the same time!)That is one of the difference with NikNat Entertainment. Nik & Nat are more than just an entertainment solutions company. They are there to listen. To help. To care.

When people book NikNat, they are not just clients … they become friends.

The Team

Our team is very select and small for a reason. We are very selective about who we trust. We spend a lot of time and money each year training our team to provide the highest level of service you will find.

Nik Edser, Entertainment Director

Natalie Edser, Wedding & Events Manager

Matthew Wilson, DJ Extraordinaire